Hey!♡ We’re officially at the end of October and headed into November, can you believe it? I’ve recently realised that the beauty side of my blog has been a little quiet lately and for that I apologise. I’ve completely missed experimenting with makeup. I’m so excited though because today I am back with a brand … More HALLOWEEN | 2018.


Before I begin this post, I’d like to add that this is quite a personal thing for me to write about and is something I’ve dealt with for nearly four years now. If you’re reading this and you suffer with anxiety I’m hoping that this can help you in some way. Alternatively, if you are reading […]



That’s something you have to face. Moving on is never going to be easy. Leaving behind everything you’ve ever known and starting over is supposed to be hard. But it’s worth it, god it’s so worth it. Take a deep breath and start over again. Reinvent yourself. Meet somebody new. Fall in and out of … More MOVE ON.


Hey!♡ There’s some more regular posts coming soon so keep your eyes opened for those. I know my blog has been a little abandoned lately and for those who enjoy my posts, I apologise for that. However, for now I thought I will do a little makeup tutorial on how to achieve this sunset cut … More SUNSET CUTCREASE.


Hey!♡ I totally wasn’t planning on posting a look today but I think green has suddenly become my new favourite colour. Today I thought I’d show you how I achieved this eye look because I totally dig it! Also there’s a lot more beauty coming your way. Let’s get into this look, shall we?♡ INSTAGRAM:@billyleeaubreemaeblog … More FOREST GREEN.


Hey!♡ It’s time for a new makeup look. I’ve been totally slacking lately when it comes to experimenting with makeup, mostly because of this heat. More looks will be coming in the near future though so keep your eyes peeled. Yellow has been one of my absolute favourite colours lately and I love how this … More HONEY.