Another day, another eye look.

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday. I spent mine eating chocolate and sobbing at the Bodyguard, haha. I also created this eyeshadow look and fell in love with it. Honestly pictures don’t do it justice, plus I’m so bad at taking pictures of my makeup anyway.. oops. I’m hoping to get better at it.

If you would like to know how I achieved this look, keep reading. Also, like I’ve said before I have an Instagram account purely dedicated to makeup, which I hope to post on more. If you would like to be the first to see new looks, or even see looks that have not been posted on my blog go ahead and give it a follow.


Anyway enough rambling, let’s get into this look, shall we?

For my transition I started off with the Seventeen Birthday Suit Palette and used the shade Cool Rose.

To create the pink in this look I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette and the shade Love Letter.

To deepen the crease I used the Sleek Enchanted Forest Palette and the shades Beatrice and Anastasia, I focused those colours on the outer crease.

I then covered the lid with some Concealer.

I went over that with the L’Oréal Paris Eye Paint in the shade Eternal White 101 and then covered my whole lid with an Obsession Makeup London Eyeshadow in the shade Lucky Charm E144.

For the winged eyeliner I used the Soap&Glory Super Cat Liquid Liner.

For my lower lash line I blended the shade Love Letter underneath just to create a bit more dimension to the look. I also decided that I didn’t want to put black mascara on my lower lashes, therefore instead I covered them with the NYX Cosmetics Liner in the shade White.

Lastly I put some Mascara onto my upper lashes.



Rinse away all my sins.

Squeeze me out until there’s nothing left.

Fill me up with candy.

As sweet as I can get.

Cherry kisses and vodka induced lips.

Pretty lies and reckless sex.

You still seem to wonder why I’m a fucking wreck.

Chewing gum and bad boys seem to be all I’ve ever known.

Don’t fall in love with me, broken hearts don’t build homes.


Written By Billy-lee Aubreemae


I promised to love you forever, no one told me forever didn’t exist.

How can I love another soul, when I’m still in love with his?

I yearn for the arms that are no longer mine.

I drink to forget you, take another pill to numb my mind.

Would it bother you if I said I’m still hurting after all this time?


Written By Billy-lee Aubreemae


I swore to myself a year ago that I wouldn’t look back.

I wouldn’t glance at all my past mistakes and that promise included glancing back at you.

It’s the cold load of winter now and you haven’t crossed my mind in months.

I’ve been writing sad songs to pass time and drinking white wine to forget things too.

I’ve been sleeping in a strangers bed.

Scary thoughts have filled my head.

I’ve been drunk, high and bruised.

A fucking hurricane was all I was to you.


Written By Billy-lee Aubreemae



So I know it’s been a long time since I’ve actually posted an actual post. Life has been totally hectic lately. A regular schedule will be coming soon, along with some new exciting things for 2018.

However, for now I thought I will do a little makeup tutorial on how to achieve this sunset cut crease look. And yes, I know I’m not the greatest at a cut crease. I tried.

Also a quick little update too. For any of my readers who are interested in the beauty side of things, I have a new Instagram account. Where I’ll be posting a lot more fun makeup looks. So, if you want to head over there and give me a follow that would be highly appreciated.


Anyway.. enough rambling! Here’s how I achieved this look!♡

For my transition colour, I started off with my personalised Obsession Makeup London Palette and used the shades Cinnamon E146 and Sand E180.

To deepen the crease and pull together the idea of a “Sunset” look, I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette and the shades Real Gar and Red Ochre.

I then cut out my crease and covered my lid with some Concealer.

For the winged eyeliner I used the Soap&Glory Super Cat Liquid Liner.

For my lower lash line I blended the shade Real Gar underneath just to create a bit more dimension to the look. I then decided that this “Sunset” look would be more complete if I added a pop of colour. So for that I reached for the NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner in the shade Vivid Halo VBL04.

Lastly I put on some Mascara.

Like I said, if you would like to see more upcoming looks before they hit my blog, follow my Instagram♡.





It’s 1AM and I’m drunk from sipping on White Wine, wishing I was drunk on the taste of your lips.

I stumble down the street whilst the heels I wear hurt my feet, wishing I could still stumble to your doorstep, but you’re no longer there.

How does it feel when you lie next to her at night?

Do her arms feel like home, or have you learnt to lie to your heart too?

I laugh with my friends, but in the pit of my stomach I feel every trace of you fade.

I blame you.

You blame me.

You didn’t love me enough, I loved you too much.

Move on you say, is it really that easy?

For I’ve slept in a bed by somebody new, his hands have touched my body.

Lips to lips.

Skin to skin.

He whispers sweet words in the dark and suddenly every inch of my existence begins to freeze.

For his soul is cold and I know he does not love me, he just loves what I can give.

This brings me back to where I am now.

Slumped over on a step in my friends garden, screaming at the top of my lungs.

I beg of you to heal me now.


Written By Billy-lee Aubreemae