This time last month a childhood dream of mine became a reality. I saw BUSTED! I’m literally squealing inside as I write this. Why didn’t I blog about this sooner?

Busted were a massive part of my childhood. I remember being completely obsessed with these three lads in dorky outfits jamming on their guitars singing about a girl who wouldn’t dance at the disco. Oh, the sweet days of innocence. I still get flashbacks to the times I made up numerous dance routines to basically every song. I also remember running as fast as I could down the stairs to jam out to Year 3000, What I Go To School For and Air Hostess on the TV.

When Busted split up, I was so gutted. Of course you get over it, but they mark a place in your heart forever. I remember the announcement, all three of them sitting there.. Charlie, Matt and James and I remember bawling. Comical to think about now. I never expected Busted to reunite. As much as I love Mcfly, McBusted was all kinds of wrong. When I saw a video on Busted’s YouTube channel I was so confused, then there it was. The moment I’d been waiting for since they split. Charlie, Matt and James all in the same video singing Meet You There and announcing Busted’s return. I cried for a little while.

Busted then came out with a new album Night Driver, the sound was totally different but I loved it just as much. That wasn’t the exciting part though, they then announced that they were going on tour. One of those places being in my city, which never really happens. Like ever. Straight away I knew I had to get tickets. They sold out super fast. In fact my city was the first place to be sold out. Because the tickets went so quickly, I couldn’t get my hands on one. That didn’t stop me searching though. One day I was out shopping and I came across tickets online, they were a little extra but they were definitely worth it. I went straight to my bank to put the money in to order them and realised I was short changed. Thankfully I have a best friend who’s heaven sent and he then ordered them for me. I was so excited!

The day arrived. 29th January 2017.


I got myself ready and my friend met me at mine. We jumped into a taxi and off we went. Unfortunately it was raining, thankfully I was the smart one and brought an umbrella with me.  We arrived early which meant we got a great space in the queue, this meant when we got into the venue it was filled with a generous amount of people but not too many. We picked the perfect spot, with a perfect view. The venue quickly filled up after that. Everyone lost their shit when Busted came on stage, I was pretty close to crying of happiness. Matt had me laughing all night, Charlie sounded like an angel and James was adorable. I wasn’t expecting so many throwback songs to be sung but it sure as hell made me the happiest person ever. I spent the night singing my heart out and endlessly jumping up and down. I didn’t want it to end. I always wished to be the girl in the crowd of a Busted concert, I thought that chance was over when they split but it happened.

It’s something I’ll always remember, those dorks have marked a place in my heart forever♡.

Songs Played: 

Air Hostess.

Year 3000.


New York.

Kids With Computers.

Who’s David.

Night Driver.

Thinking Of You.

Sleeping With The Light On.

Without It.

On What You’re On.

I Will Break Your Heart.


Those Days Are Gone.

Busted Concert | YouTube Video



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