Lead You On

Verse One This is how it goes, they come close and then I say it’s way too close. I need space, but that’s not fair. I push you so far away and then I wonder why you’re not there. I’ve heard them say the same words before. I assume you’re gonna walk away like the … More Lead You On

New Beginnings

Today I want to talk about something that’s been crossing my mind a lot lately. Over these past two months I’ve been dealing with some changes in my life. Due to these changes I’ve noticed that I haven’t really made myself a priority for a long time. In terms of physical and mental health, I’ve […]

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Busted Concert

This time last month a childhood dream of mine became a reality. I saw BUSTED! I’m literally squealing inside as I write this. Why didn’t I blog about this sooner? Busted were a massive part of my childhood. I remember being completely obsessed with these three lads in dorky outfits jamming on their guitars singing […]

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