Verse One Sometimes on some nights, I still get an image of you in my head. Sometimes it feels so right but then I remember the reality instead. You’re no longer near me, I feel you fade. In your arms, I felt safe. I know I’ve got to move on but the memories are strong. … More HOME IN MY HEAD.


Verse One One time. Turned into too little, too late. I understand that people can make mistakes. You lied over again, hopes would fall once again. You say we’re only friends, but we’re not. I say I am strong enough, I don’t need to feel loved. You compare me every time to someone I’m not. … More GAVE A DAMN.


Verse One It’s half past two in the morning. I feel like for the past five years I’ve been mourning. The death of someone who’s still alive, it drives me crazy. But crazy is all that I’ve been feeling lately. I say I’m over it, but is that a lie? We spoke once or twice … More HAPPIER.


Verse One This is how it goes, they come close and then I say it’s way too close. I need space, but that’s not fair. I push you so far away and then I wonder why you’re not there. I’ve heard them say the same words before. I assume you’re gonna walk away like the … More LEAD YOU ON.